AcroYoga in West and Mid Wales

“Within play practice is the ever -present possibility of a new “we” being evoked from the “you” and “I”. (Donaldson 1993)

Starting Acroyoga

You don’t need to be super-flexi and strong, or a mega experienced yogi or acrobat before you start. Practicing acroyoga will build or improve all these and give your laughing muscles a good workout. Give it a go and start exercising trust, balance, and courage. There’s no better way to move out of your comfort zone than in a fun and friendly community, which is what you will find in acroyoga. Lets share some of this journey together.

Steve and Sam

Steve and Sam have been enjoying Yoga, Acrobatics and Acroyoga since 2012 and are now affiliated with Acro Yoga International through their Jambassador programme. They travel and share their practice where they go, but are based mainly in the sunny seaside town of Aberystwyth. Keep your eyes open for them out and about on a fair day – they are always happy to have company!