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Improvers Acro Yoga 4-week course

So you have had a go at bird, maybe played around with some other moves…what next?


This is a 4-week course designed to take those who have had some experience with the basic moves of acroyoga to new levels of confidence.

This is not a complete beginners course, but if you have had a go at (you don’t need to have mastered it!) bird, back bird, throne, maybe a few other things then welcome aboard!

We’ll work to support each other in learning how to join some of the basic moves into flows and work on confidence and honing skills. No partner needed, just a sense of adventure 🙂 We’re aiming for maximum enjoyment, laughter and connection, seasoned with hints of challenge.

Dates are 25th Feb, 4th, 11th and 18th March. £27. Sundays, 6-7.30pm at the Morlan*

*First week, 25th Feb will be at the Cambria’s new fitness room (opposite the pier).

To book a spot (places will be limited), send us a message using the form below.


Beginners Acro Yoga 6-week course

Not sure about how to get started with acro yoga?

Want to try out the basic moves in a fun, safe, supportive group?

New Year’s ambitions?

  • Get fit
  • Get flexible
  • Have more fun
  • Make new friends
  • Do more things together with old friends
  • Challenge yourself

Acroyoga can help with all of these!

Our six-week course will gently introduce you to the wonderful world of acroyoga. We will take you through the basics of flying, basing, swirling, and hanging around upside down. Classes move through a fun warm up, partner drills, learning acro yoga positions, poses and how to get in and out of them, spotting skills, therapeutic partner stretches and massage. Expect lots of giggles and to surprise yourself!

After the six week course you will have made some unique friendships and memories. There is a chance you will have caught the acro bug as well, and you will be more than ready and very welcome to join our weekly classes and jam sessions, or any exciting acro events happening all over the place outside of Aberystwyth.

Maybe you know someone who would love this? Fantastic Christmas pressie!

Are you playing the Billy Goat But game?

  • But I am not that good at/ haven’t done/ don’t like normal yoga
  • But I’m not strong enough
  • But I’m not bendy enough
  • But I need to lose weight first
  • But I’m too old….

Does being dirty stop you having a shower? Doubtful. No ones starts these things thinking they are bendy, strong, brave and techically brilliant either – all these things are built with practice. The best way to train for acroyoga is to do acroyoga! There are acroyogis of all shapes, sizes, abilities and ages, everyone can have fun with this. Experience with different forms of movement (yoga, martial arts, dance etc) may well help, but are far from essential. Believe it or not some challenging-looking yoga poses are actually easier when you work together with a partner. Acroyoga is a journey not a destination, come and travel along with us!

Take off with us on 14th January. Classes will be each Sunday evening from 6-7.30pm at the Morlan Centre, running until 18th February.

This is a not a drop in class, but a course. It’s £40 for all 6 lessons, which is a fantastic deal! Better still we are offering a £35 early bird rate for anyone who books on before Christmas. When you book your place we ask for a £15 deposit, with the balance payable after your first lesson. There are limited places so to reserve your spot, please drop us a line using the form below:

There is A LOT going on in the Acroyoga world, we try and connect you with it via our local Facebook group. If you know about an upcoming event, share it, maybe we can go together!